thingiverse customizer not working

User account menu. Is it down for everyone or just me? Please try again later." Flag. This was very frustrating and the new tab solution works great. It's still buggy with Firefox. is a good place to start. I sent an email to support yesterday. save. Just upload your OpenSCAD script to Thingiverse and then anyone can open it in Customizer and customize it. Hole Spacing. And no reply. The preview of my openscad is rendering properly, but not working at all in the customizer, also see here => This is part of a bigger project, it seems that there is a problem with the parameters of the cubes. Download Now. come on fix this already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Definitely a bug. anyone help? On Chrome, Firefox and Safari. More . Sorry everyone! BB. Thingiverse is a universe of things. But it fails every time in Safari and Firefox. 2 Unfortunatelly it not works longer time, but works a offline methode, it´s true not 100% for all time, it depends how is the customized model written. files are just sitting in que for 2+ days? Add height: 50em; under, I can't see the previews correctly, because the working area is just a few cm high I'm also getting that 404 error (5 hours after you posted this)... First time trying to use this but my queue seems stalled. Tutorials and Links for Fusion 360. I was able to download it. Click on "see details". The Sweeping Name Plate and several of its remixes are not loading. What went wrong? Click on the link and then it will show you the page correctly. In your screenshot it says: Erweiterungen, which I guess translates as Extensions? Then you can open the SCAD files in that. So sad, please fix it soon. go to menu in the top right corner (3 dots for chrome), then More tools, extensions, then you wont find anything there you have to go to the chrome web store on the bottom left. Windows internet explorer worked just fine. I did roll back my windows to prior to the install with no help. Sun, 11 Mar, 18 - Same issue as below; receiving the /usr/local/bin/openscad/openscad: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory. work not possible E.g. Waiting for customizer to work for 4 days now. Customizer Developed by MakerBot. I've had items in customizer for over a month. I don'T even see the que. Signing up for accounts. I only have a day to edit and print it. I am a teacher and am teaching a STEAM project about snowflakes. Came to see if I was the only one and I see not. Brim Width. Sorry! For those who need something done right now, the new experimental feature of the OpenSCAD builtin Customizer might be an option. Been in the queue for a day and a half now. It was on all customizable things. Printables Buyer's Guides Basics Reviews. That's a long time to be broken. I use Chrome as a browser on win 10. He uses the Thingiverse Customizer to make the exact size Test Lead Holder he wants. Mr.Venerabilis, I see "$fn =" appear a number times in the code. I had others still processing for > 1 week (I killed those). Repair your service or discontinue it. Its snip is attached. Open the .scad file in OpenSCAD. when will customizer be up and running again come on people this is messing with all of I'm still trying to use customizer.. used chrome and edge and it's been processing my files for days. Filter Thickness 2. Any ETA on when it will be fixed? Such a buggy website. Speaking as a web developer, shape up, I love this site; it has so much potential, and the GUI is easy to follow, but you need a stable bug-free build BEFORE shoehorning in new features. unless i would have found this very very specific section of your website i would have been extremely confused and exhausted of options i cannot figure out how to use your website easily the customizer download is very complicated. Been waiting forever too. Sin él estoy atada de pies y manos. Not working here either, Win 10 Pro v2004, Firefox & Edge, I will try Chrome and come back to report on it, Well, even worse in Chrome, I get this error on load. Export as .stl and you have a printable part. Customizer allows you to design parametric objects that can be customized with an easy web interface. I am trying to use this in my class and it's messing up our plans. It allows AstroPrint users to search for designs on Thingiverse. Flag. Is there a definitive list of fonts available on the thingiverse customizer? Though I cannot force all parameters to only workable combinations, I can provide useful output to the console in something I am working on. Sorry took so long, is everyone able to use Customizer correctly now? MakerBot Thingiverse is the world’s largest 3D printing community with millions of free downloadable 3D models. Is there a way for this to modify an existing STL? Chrome extension "open frame" not found. Same issue here, the initial page uses https protocol, but tries to load some ressources over http, which causes chrome to block the second request. It is also possible that you are using Safari, if so click the Safari Fix button then reload this page. It displays a message; "Sorry ! That is the only complaint i have about Customizer. You taught an old dog a new trick! Seems to work in Internet Explorer. Hello! Recent browsers do deactivate by default 3rd party cookies (and there's some good reason for). i could customize - but now my customization is in Queue since 21 hours. It's been months, maybe over a year for some users, since this bug manifested itself. and we'll pass along a note to them. I'll join the call for either a fix or a discontinue! Another voice to the '/usr/local/bin/openscad/openscad: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory' error. Yeah, unfortunately I've ran into a snag with the write command, followed the steps for it but the files are very old and don't think they work with the version he has listed. It's not loading for me. Open SCAD, click "File" and "Open". But then even after customizing is complete, the zip can't be downloaded. If you are not the intended recipient, you are directed not to read, disclose, distribute or otherwise use this transmission. Aw shucks. So the zip appears a day later. I just came to see if other people had stuff that would not complete. I need to make an arm for a local 6 year old! Keeps saying "Safari Fix" but im using Chrome. This worked for me on Chrome and Ubuntu linux. MakerBot Print is our newest print-prepration software, which supports native CAD files and STL assemblies, allows you to interact with all your printers via the Cloud, and many other exciting new features. I’m looking for applications similar to Thingiverse Customizer. my customiser is blank again today! Intro / Background. HUH "let customizer visible in view(hide customizer mustn't be marked)". nothing working for me. It was fantastic or a brief moment in my life. Drain Diam. Help please. Half of the screen is cut off in all browsers. The issue is that they are making an API call for only the first 20, and not paging through additional pages of results. Discussion. "Oh No! Feb 11, 2018. Exactly the same error message with chrome and Firefox, both on Windows 10 and KUbuntu 16.10. I hope nobody is holding their breath until I complete them.]. I'm trying with a fairly simple scad file, same error as always "something went wrong", It's not working. Tutorials and Links for Fusion 360. I am on Chrome 80.0.3987.149. It's off line! Any time I try to click on ANYTHING, it says no results found. One note: After copying the text into word pad, I clicked Save As and entered "MyThing.scad", then clicked Save. Thank you! Thanks. Still not working, Is it possible to make the preview graphic faster and be a bit more responsive? On the right side of OpenSCAD, the options are there but collapsed. Please fix it. Also, just noting that with Chrome on Win 10 x64, in Customizer, I get about 25% success rate in actually generating a preview when I change parameters. Why does Customizer need to be "fixed"????? I have a module that should work on any OpenSCAD version later than 2016.1, but it fails on the Customizer. Thank you! Does customizer only work with Firefox? I am not using safari. Does not seem to be working.. At least taking much longer than normal to create design. Worked at first but now its just constantly "Timeout::Error: execution expired", maybe I will try later. Drain Depth. Can you tell me what the problem might be? I can scroll down through the parameters by using mini scroll on right but when I use "create thing" button a pop-up comes up that I cannot read nor dismiss w/o going back to same squashed screen. Is there any way to let the user see console output after making changes to Customizer-available parameters? Oh well, this laptop is certainly not new. Probably too complicated for Thingiverse and makerbot to discuss about this issue. Same Issue as ToraRya regardless of Browser, chrome firefox IE all the same. hola el customizer no funciona hay alguna alternativa We make processed objects available for X days for each user to download or publish them, after this time the submission is deleted.". Nothing works. View entire discussion ( 2 comments) More posts from the thingiverse community. What browsers have other people had success with? I changed the resolution, but that didn't help. Brim Width. Thingiverse is a universe of things. not working again???? Sorry! Can this be fixed? Thingiverse. Hope it gets fixed soon. I was about to go crazy, Hi You can press F5 for preview which is much faster! It is really the same as the first case, but the application picks up simple comments to … Extend your reach with this list of the best Thingiverse alternatives! Hi :). Tue, 13 Mar, 18 - Same issue as below; receiving the /usr/local/bin/openscad/openscad: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory. I will post it here when I get it. uncheck it... you should now see the customize menu on the right... After that you'll see the option in view: hide customizer. So, only two parameters are changed - drain depth and brim width - making the model break the customizer. For some reason I am not able to use the customizer app. /usr/local/bin/openscad/openscad: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory. Something appears to be broken. not working again???? Find this in page: